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Little Splendid

Your chair will be highlighted through our fabric covers and our nodes adapting to most chair models.

We install the drapes and the gift table, but the decoration of the table and the chair covers will be delivered, you will be in charge to adorn them.

Price: on demand

Our formulas decoration also comes in the following Inspirations. And you ...
what is your inspiration?

Occident Asia Oriental Afro-Caribbean
  • insp_occident_07-1 insp_occident_05 insp_occident_06 insp_occident_04 insp_occident_02 insp_occident_014 insp_occident_012 insp_occident_013 insp_occident_015 insp_occident_016 insp_occident_017 insp_occident_018 insp_occident_019 insp_occident_020 insp_occident_021 insp_occident_022 insp_occident_023 insp_occident_024 insp_occident_025 insp_occident_026 insp_occident_027 insp_occident_028 insp_occident_029
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  • insp_orientale_01 insp_orientale_02 mariage-marrocain_02 insp_orientale_03 insp_orientale_05 insp_orientale_06
  • insp_afro_011 insp_afro_013 insp_afro_04 insp_afro_012 insp_afro_014 insp_afro_015 insp_afro_016 insp_afro_018 insp_afro_017 insp_afro_019