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Baby Shower

Let Little Mimi organize and decorate your baby shower with ethnic chic inspirations!

  During the baby shower we celebrate the mother and the unborn baby; it represents an opportunity for friends and family to offer the first gifts the mother and baby. This is normally a special time that the soon-to be mother spends with her female friends, but more and more we are seeing that the soon-to be fathers are joining in on the celebrations. 

  • Diaper Cake

    Diaper Cake

    What a creative and wonderful gift!

    A diaper layered cake!

    Little Mimi will create it for you!

  • Organisation


    When ?

    The baby shower is often celebrated during the third trimester of the pregnancy.
    It can be initiated by the soon-to-be mother, the godmother, friends as well as the soon-to-be father.

    The party can also take place after the child's birth too; allowing the mother to be completely rested and the newborn to be presented to the guests.